Possibility of the departure during 1 hour after the requirement
The stretcher  "Ferno"  with the wider, vacuum springy bed

Radio with clients´control


Bedside table for the client

Wireless headphones for DVD listening

DVD set installed in the car makes listening to music better
and offers variety of movies
Water heating system enables to serve fresh coffee
or tea inside the car.
At the same time you can have twenty instant meals or soups.
Cool drinks - four kinds of soft drinks
Computer in the car enables the crew to get all information
about the route, repatriatin and finding the right place
 all over the Europe
The opening to the back of the car enables the crew to comunicate better during the journey
Controled air-conditioning and accessory heating makes stable
temperature during the transport
Every seat or bed has got separate light
The set of six loudspeakers for listening to music or films
The car crew has got satelite system GPS, which defines
the car location and the route of transport

There are two health-service radio stations, too.